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A new look for Solomon in 2020

A new look for Solomon in 2020

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We have updated Solomon so that on the Front Page all the available Modules are listed. This is the page before you log in. After  you have logged in the Modules you are enrolled on will appear. The total list is still available to you, either through the menu options at the top:

  1. Seek and Learn (For all)

  2. Share and Support (For DCs and Mentors etc.)

  3. Support and Promote (At the Provincial or District Level).

On the front page the Modules are listed below where it says:

List of all Modules available on Solomon:

When you have logged in the list available to you are below where it says:

Enrolled Modules:

You can also see the total list of Modules by scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

Please bear in mind that Solomon is a system. It is not a web site, though it uses web technology. 

a. You need to login before you can do anything.

b. If you need to enrol on a course before you  access it... scroll to the bottom of the page to view the enrol button.

This configuration has the added advantage that "Getting Started on Solomon" is available to all users from the Front Page. This uses Guest access which means you do not have to be registered to use it.

We have made the change because it has become obvious to us that most users are only enrolled on a small number of Modules. What you enrol on is entirely your choice, but it does restrict your ability to search for items. Solomon has been "modularised", because Freemasonry is "modularised" into discrete components. This ensure that people do not stray into information that is beyond their masonic journey and inadvertently providing a "plot spoiler". The system ensures this does not happen by accident.

We hope you enjoy the new layout.