Guide for Contributors

Solomon was launched with over 400 items spanning a range of subject areas and levels of detail. The Programme Team are at the beginning of a medium to long term process to increase the range and type of material.  Our next step is to identify and prioritise the material required to fill obvious gaps and to meet needs and wants. Many Solomon users will wish to make comment and suggest developments. Others will be eager to provide material to enhance and develop its content.

We are in the process of publishing our commissioning process and a development ‘wish-list’. We hope that this will lead to offers to produce or submit material to ‘fill the gaps’. The process of submitting material will be explained in more detail in due course but authors and contributors will be asked to prepare and format their material to a common standard. 

The following hyperlinks will open in a new tab when selected:

  1. Contributor Guide
  2. Submission Form
  3. Copyright
  4. Copyright Agreement and Guidance Note
  5. Copyright statements within Solomon
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