Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Solomon is open to all. There is no password protection other than for your account and there are no hidden areas. We do not authenticate users as Freemasons and people are free to look around the system. However, we do recommend you do not look or search in areas of Solomon that your level does not entitle you to look at. It is nothing secret, it's just a spoiler alert. If anyone has ever spoiled a film for you by telling you the plot you will know what we mean. The less you know, the greater the impact. It's as simple as that.



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Why does Solomon not have an app?

Actually it does have an app that is part of the platform, but we have deemed it not fit for purpose. Instead Solomon uses responsive design to render the text and images on to a mobile phone or tablet. Responsive design  works better on newer  devices, for example iPhone X and above.




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The content is copyright to United Grand Lodge of England. However you are free to download for personal use and/or for use of by other Freemasons. 



Guest access

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Solomon: A Virtual Learning Environment is open to "guest access". That means that people without a User Id and Password can look at the content of this module. For all the other Modules you need to be an authenticated user. 

You are free to enrol on any of the modules, there are no secrets here. However we recommend you do not enrol of modules that are beyond the level you have thus far attained in Freemasonry as it will significantly decrease the impact of your next ceremony or ceremonies. We call them "plot spoilers".




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Technical support is available from:



i button

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The "i" for information button is located next to the search box at the top of your screen. It is a short-cut to the module Solomon User Information called "Solomon: A Virtual Learning Environment". There is also a link at the footer of every page that will take you to the same place. This module contains information about what Solomon is about and its intended use as an O2O platform (online-to-offline) for delivering learning and development material to Lodges and Chapters.




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If you lose your password for Solomon go back to the login screen and select the "Forgot your username or password?" below the blue "Log In" button: You will need to use the same e-mail account as the one you registered with Solomon. You should not need technical support.


Privacy Statement

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Compulsory use of your data

All users of Solomon must record their name, email address and a password.  These details are stored and used to identify users and to operate a login system.  The legal basis on which these details are processed by UGLE is the legitimate interests of UGLE as a provider of Solomon to its members.  If you wish to stop these details being processed by UGLE you must delete your Solomon account by emailing

Optional Data

You may add other personal details to your profile if you wish.  The default setting is that your profile is not visible to other users of Solomon except the administrators.  If you wish you can make some or all of your details visible to other users.  You can control who can see your profile from your profile screen.  The legal basis on which these details are processed by UGLE is your consent.  If you wish to amend or delete your optional details at any time you can do so from your profile screen.

Your data on your submissions

If you submit material to Solomon you may choose to be named as the author.  If the material is published on Solomon your name will appear in the acknowledgements section at the end of the material.  If you wish your name to be removed from any material at any time then email

Data Rights

Your data controller is The United Grand Lodge of England of Freemasons’ Hall, 60 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AZ.

If you wish to see a copy of, or rectify, the personal data held about you on Solomon please login to your profile screen.  If you nevertheless wish to submit a subject access request, object to your data being processed or are unable to login to rectify your data held by Solomon please email .

If you have any questions or complaints about how your data is processed please contact If you have raised your concerns but not received a satisfactory response you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.  More information about complaints can be found at




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Global Search (of all the Modules you are enrolled on) is available as a box at the top of every page. Searches can use Boolean expressions such as AND OR NOT. If you are using a mobile device you need to go into the Dashboard, which is available at the top left with the three parallel lines symbol for the Menu.

So for example:

1. "Gloves" will give you three pages of results.
2. "Gloves AND clothing" will do an ANDed search that returns only results that mentions both search terms.
3. "Gloves OR clothing" returns all the terms with Gloves OR clothing; quite a few. This is the same as using "Gloves clothing" as the search term.
4. "Gloves NOT clothing" will return those files that contain the word Gloves but not clothing.

Do not enter the " symbol for your search.

The search can be further limited by using the drop down "Filter" where you can select that only Titles, Files or a specific Module can selected. Global Search will only return results back for which you have been enrolled so there is no chance of a "plot spoiler".

You can improve your search using any of the following search query features:

1. Specifying the field to be searched by prefixing the search query with 'title:', 'content:', 'name:', or 'intro:' e.g.'title:news' returns results with the word 'news' in the title

2. Boolean operators ('AND', 'OR', 'NOT') to combine or exclude keywords

3.  Wildcard characters ('*' or '?' ) to represent characters in the search query

4. Proximity searches ('~') e.g. mood~2 returns "moodle" (2 letters away from "mood"), Moodle Australia~3 returns results containing "Moodle HQ in Perth, Australia" (the queried terms were within 3 words of each other)

5. Boosting terms ('^') to boost certain words or phrases e.g. "Perth Australia"^5 "Australia" will return results with the phrase "Perth Australia" as more relevant.



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Solomon does not disclose any of the "secrets" of Freemasonry. These are no more than ceremonial modes of recognition. Freemasons do not use these promiscuously and are of little inherent value to those who are not in the Craft. 

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